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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Saundra Nettles offers personal safety workshops and employee training workshops throughout NC, VA, SC, and Ga. She is a professional speaker specializing in workplace safety awareness, self-defense, personal safety and crime prevention.Saundra’s interest in self-defense and protection started because of an inevitable encounter. When she returned home one evening, a man wearing a hoodie was in her yard. This man approached her as she was getting out of her car. It was dark, so she was terrified. After that incident, she started looking for ways to protect herself and made it her goal to help people stay safe in their daily lives and workplace. Saundra fulfills her mission of teaching people about personal safety through her company Fosnet Self Defense & Surveillance Systems, LLC. She provides seminars, demonstrations, workshops and self-defense classes to both men and women. Saundra also assists her clients by helping them select the right personal safety device suitable for them; especially if they have children.Although law enforcement authorities and local government officials are exerting a lot of effort to keep citizens safe, it is still better if people can defend themselves wherever they are. Law enforcement officers can’t protect all citizens at all times. That is why self-security should be given due importance. Self-defense helps people avoid danger, especially when attackers are more significant in size, carry weapons or have accomplices. It also provides physical and mental strength and helps a person improve his endurance, balance, and speed.The Personal Safety Program that Saundra offers is humorous and dynamic. As it involves class participation, the discussions become more informative, entertaining and interesting. Fosnet Self-Defense also provides workplace violence training, residential safety awareness symposiums, realtor safety classes, church assessments, corporate retreats, women conferences, domestic violence advocacy, safety specialty workshops; non-lethal safety devise training as well as child and senior citizen safety programs.These programs help students improve their coordination, bursting and reactive power, cardio, speed, strength, flexibility, balance, and agility. They become more physically capable. Self-defense programs also teach concentration, discipline, and respect. Students master tenacity and assertiveness. They have to see others succeed, work through failures, make small improvements and repeatedly try until they become successful. It also helps them develop and master determination through drills that push them to overcome preconceived limitations and assumptions. Students can realize that they can do anything when they work hard for it. They are also taught awareness of danger. Students are taught to know things that could endanger their lives. Sometimes, it is better to avoid and escape than to solve the problem.Saundra also teaches students about nutrition, hygiene, and anatomy. Self-defense encourages different movements, so it is simpler to motivate students to eat well to provide their body with enough fuel. Students learn different self-defense skills and every new skill is more difficult than the previous one. Developing and mastering new skills improves their confidence and physical power. Self-defense programs make students stronger physically and mentally so that they can be prepared to deal with real world dangers in a better manner and keep themselves safe at all times  

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